Listening to our planets needs.

At Cultivated Eco Systems, we are proud to be a woman run, green-tech, zero waste, environmental company based in rural Pictou County.

We have developed a living soil probiotic using diverted farm and fishery waste. By analyzing the soil biology we are able to customize this probiotic to fix the soil and increase nutrient uptake by plants.

Our probiotic is not crop specific, so we can help not only farmers crops but lawns, Christmas tree farms, and anything that is a plant at less than half the cost of current methods. This probiotic also reduces fertilizer and pesticide needs plus, increases crop yields, soil water retention, and carbon sequestration.

Winning the xlr8r contest this past spring, teaming up with IGNITE and now being Spark winners has helped us on our mission to bring our product across Canada and eventually, the world.

We are grateful to have been chosen for this amazing award. The funds we have won will allow us to triple our production to meet our ever increasing demand and divert more waste.